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Management Tips For Today

Take a look at this short video, highlighting everyday tips from the General Manager of the Renaissance Dubai Hotel. After you watch it, read the Corbett & Ross review below to take the best pieces of advice and use them in your hotel or business today.

Let’s jump into points 2 and 3, take good care of your employees and celebrate their success. It’s easy to say that, but what does it really mean? At Corbett and Ross, we train that taking care of your employees is celebrating their successes. No matter what role the employees have, identify their assets. Recognize and praise them for their strengths, whatever they may be.

Point 6, communicate and listen. We challenge that idea to say, listen first and then communicate. Listen to your staff to hear their perspective, then communicate based on your understanding of where they are coming from. You should say to your staff, “Tell me what you believe your strengths are.” This will begin to create positive feedback (in an upcoming post, we’ll really dig into feedback, a tool to facilitate positive change for the individual and the team. When it’s done effectively this is a powerful way to help improve the customer experience. Feedback will be a focus of our upcoming webinar on May 14th.   Check it out on Feedback starts with the employee and the manager then adds guidance and a big-picture perspective.

Point 10, customers expect quality.   How do you present quality? We believe that quality stems from a positive relationship between a manager and his/her team. So ask yourself what your current relationship with your team looks like. Are you coming from a strength-based point of view on what they do well? Don’t forget that people tend to shut down when they meet a negative approach from their colleagues and supervisors. Creating a positive opener for your communications with your staff will directly improve the quality of service they provide.

Try out these strategies and let us know what’s working and what’s not.


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Scott Corbett

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